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Recs for Dr. Laura Erdman?

Hello there!

I guess I should first introduce myself, since I haven't posted on here before!  I just got my BFP about 2 weeks ago, and am about 6 weeks pregnant.  Very exciting!

My husband and I are in the process of choosing an OB and are pretty sure we'd like to go with Dr. Laura Erdman, who is with Charles Street OB/GYN.  Has anyone used her?  Rants or raves?

I saw a lot of recs for Drs. Allen and Merryman.  I currently have an appointment scheduled with them as well, but I was hoping to make a decision beforehand, as I don't think my insurance will cover 2-3 OB appointments. :)

Any feedback on Dr. Erdman would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Recs for Dr. Laura Erdman?

  • Sorry, I don't know either but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and welcome!
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  • Congrats!  I currently go to Charles St OB/GYN and love all the Drs there.  I switched to them when I was 12 wks pregnant because I was not happy with my first doctor and I'm so glad I did.

    If you go to that practice you will see all of the Drs during your pregnancy, that way you have a chance to meet them in case they are the Dr on-call when you go into labor.  There are 2 others besides Erdman...Singh and Ottenritter.

     Good Luck 

  • I have posted before and am a BIG fan of Dr. Allen. ?I can't speak highly enough of her. ?You see her all your appts, unless she is on vacation or in L&D with another patient. ?I like the small office feel and everyone knows you feel. ?I can't say enough good words about Dr. Allen. ?Can't wait to go through another pregnancy with her again.
  • hi there!  congrats on your news.  my doc is dr. ottenritter who is in the same practice as Dr. Erdman.  There are 3 in the practice and are all awesome!!  I have seen Dr. Erdman several times and really like her and know several friends who are in this practice as well as patients.  i think you made the right decision!!!


  • I see Dr. Erdman and love her! I have also seen the other doctors in the practice and think they are all great!  I completely recommend her! Congrats!
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