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My Poor Baby

PBS had her 4 month shots yesterday. She is having a terrible reaction to them and has a very high fever. (We do not have the option to delay vaccinating a foster child, which blows. I would have waited if she were my bio child)

It's no fun with average kids but with her medical history it becomes an emergency. Her pedi couldn't get her in for a few hours and was concerned enough to send us to the ER. She is now at risk for a whole host of scary things.

S is at the ER with her right now. I am so worried and hate that I am not with her but I had to stay with LMC. It actually hurts to be away from her when I know she is suffering. S doesn't do well with this kind of stuff and I am going out of my mind worrying about both of them.


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  • That must be crazy nerve wracking...she is at the ER though and that is the best place. I am sorry you can't all be together now.  Hang in there and keep posting. we're here.
  • S and the ER staff are taking wonderful care of her! :-)  I'm sorry you can't be there too, but I bet they'll be home in no time. 

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  • Sorry she didn't react well. Hopefully she will be home and in your arms for lots of cuddles very very soon.


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  • Oh, poor sweet baby! It's too bad you can't be with her, but I'm glad she's in safe hands at the ER.

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  • Thanks ladies! Everyone is home safe now.

    S said she did beautifully and it was only awful when she had to hold her tiny arm down for a blood draw :-( They ruled out the scary stuff for now. We will keep her comfortable, watch her like a hawk and follow-up with our pedi in a few days.


  • What a scary situation!!!  I am so happy that she is okay!
  • oh goodness! i'm so glad she's home safe and it doesn't seem to be anything serious. big hugs to you all!
  •    I am soooo sorry for the little one.  My thought to her.   One of my concerns with fostering has been not having medical freedom... especially with vaccines which, can have so many side effects.  I feell for your frustration both with being away from your little one and knowing that it may have been preventable.  Thoughts with you.
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