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Crib shopping in Southern MA

Does anyone have a recommendation for a few stores that sell drop rail cribs in Southern MA? We've been to BabiesRUs and the Baby Furniture Wearhouse, but they both seem to focus on the convertor cribs.  Thanks!

Re: Crib shopping in Southern MA

  • A baby's nest in Norwell,MA has great baby furniture
  • most cribs today are conversion cribs.the classic dropside  cribs are slowly being phased  cost less to manufacture a conversion crib than a dropside crib because there are no working parts.most of the higher end companies are going forward with dropside cribs. ive have bought from the baby furniture warehouse and they do offer a selection of dropside cribs. i hope this helps.
  • stb murray beat me to it...  I'm going to A Baby's Nest this weekend... they have both convertor and non-convertor cribs (and they're GORGEOUS)...  check out their site ( they have other stuff too (rocking chairs, storllers, etc.).  :-)


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