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Troy Beaumont vs. St. John's Detroit?

I am looking for a new OBGYN and want to choose based on the hospital. (I am not yet pregnant, but will soon be TTC) I live pretty much the same distance between the two hospitals... any suggestions?  Experiences at these hospitals?  Thanks!

Re: Troy Beaumont vs. St. John's Detroit?

  • I delivered @ Royal Oak Beaumont and had a great experience!  I had friends deliver at both Troy Beaumont and St. John's Detroit and had good experiences there as well.  Which hospital group do you plan on taking your baby to?  I ask because I delivered @ Royal Oak Beaumont, but I live close to St. John, so my DS's Dr. is St. John, and therefore they weren't able to visit him in the hospital.  It isn't a huge deal, but I would have preferred to have his Ped visit him rather than an on-staff Dr. 
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  • I delivered at Troy Beaumont and had a great experience.  The nurses were really great and helpful, especially considering my husband and I were clueless!!  If you have any particular questions, please let me know

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  • I delivered both my children at St John Hospital in Detroit.  Wonderful experience both times.  The delivery suites are nice and large and you stay in them for your whole stay.  There is a couch that your husband can sleep on, a glider chair with ottoman to relax in, TV, phone, bathtub & shower. The staff was wonderful both times.  Then the pediatrician group I chose visited the babies personally. 

    Dr Chari-Hedni was my OB and she was wonderful.  But remember when you have an OB that's within a group your delivering doctor can be any of the doctors in that group since they each take turns being on-call.

    Then my pediatrician group is Lakeview Pediatrics:

    Good luck and have fun TTC!!!



  • I work in medical sales at both hospitals and I see so much more go toward patient care at St. John's than I do at Beaumont. I highly recommend St. John's. They have great birthing rooms and kind staff and they put a lot more effort, time and money into what goes on behind the scenes that Beaumont, who I frankly think, only cares about the bottom line, as a hospital system. St. John's is a great choice.
  • I delivered at Royal Oak Beaumont and had a FANTASTIC experience.  Some of the ladies in my mom group delivered at Troy and had great experiences, too.  Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who delivered at St. John's, so I can't give you any feedback on that hospital.

    Make sure you find out where your OB/GYN delivers...that might make the decision for you.  I thought I would deliver at Troy since it is closer to home than R.O., but my OB's practice only works out of R.O.  You should also consider your future pediatrician and where his/her staff works.  Thankfully, mine attends both Beaumont hospitals.


  • I delivered twice at St.John's also and both in the past two years. I highly reccomend that hospital to everyone. The nurses & doctors are wonderful. also since it says you live in Macomb, I'm going to suggest my ob/gyn- Dr. Kami Kefalonitis. She works out of an office at 21 & Romeo and another office off of 10mi and she delivers at St. Johns. My mom & I both go to her & she's been great.


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  • Kada626-

    I've heard that Dr. Kefalonitis doesn't do deliveries, is this true in your experience?  If so, who delivered you?


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