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My hubby was talking to a neighbor who is 5 months pregnant and she mentioned how bad PW hosiptal is and that she is going to deliver at Inova Fairfax and she told my hubby that we should switch also. I am kind of upset by this but I wanted to know what others opinions might be about PW hospital. I know that Inova is a great hospital but the distance is the concern for me and the fact that I am due in Dec and you never know what the weather will be like.


thanks ladies.

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  • I know 3 girls from work who have delivered at PW Hospital and did not have any complaints.  I plan to do a hospital tour in July and will be delivering at PW in September.
  • Thanks! I have done some research and I have asked around. I think I am going to stick with PW.
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  • I just delivered there and i absolutely loved it! I was actually just telling dh that i wanted to get pregnant again only for the labor and delivery process. I

    I have no complaints. The nurses were excellent (both labor and post partum), the food was ok and the rooms are private.

    I don't know what your neighbor was looking for in a hospital, but pw is great. Oh and its smaller, so I got the feeling like it was more personalized. But maybe thats just me.

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