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My big boy birth story!

My birth story


So after having contractions since Sunday May 31st, on and off, I finally went into LD on Wen morning in a lot of pain. Although I was having regular contractions, I was sent home for not being dilated enough.  I had my 38 week appt that afternoon at 3, and my BP was up, and there was protein in my urine.  I was also very very swollen, up 20 lbs of water weight in 4 weeks.!

My Dr. felt that an induction was needed, so as not to get any further into my Pre-e, so at 38 weeks 2 days, I checked into LD again, and got cervidil at 6pm. 

At 7am I was thinned out, but not dilated anymore, and pitocin was started.  Even before the pitocin, my contractions had become regular ever 1.5-2 mins apart.  At 8am, I was dilated to a 4, and my bag of waters was broken.  By 11 am I was getting the epi bc my contractions were 1.5 mins apart, and I had bad labor shakes.  This was a relief although it took me a while to get used to being so numb. I also was unaware of the fact that I was no longer able to labor on my back, and was turned side to side every 30mins.  (PS no one ever told me you can't control your farts either, although it makes sense if you think about it - at least DH was getting a huge kick out of it!)

By 430pm I had made no change at all, dispite all the strong and regular contractions.  My nurse told me that baby's head was feeling swollen from bumping on my pelvis, and chance are he was just to big.  My OB came in at 510pm, said it would be best at this point to do a c/s. I agreed.

By 523pm we were in the OR.  I asked my OB what she thought the baby would weigh, she said at 38 weeks, based on my size probably 8.5lbs.

At 548pm on June 4th, Kellan Halsten K. made is way into this world at a whooping 10lbs 2ozs, 20.5 inches long.  Everyone was super shocked at his size.  He is beautiful, and has the sweetest chunky face ever!  I can't begin to imagine what he would have weighed if we made it to 40 weeks!

He did have some blood sugar problems that first 24 hours, and we had to give hime formula, but he is still hursing like a champ, and hasn't needed formula for our last two feedings!

Dispite not being as I planned, I felt I made the right choices for myself and baby, and have a wonderful outcome as a result!

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Re: My big boy birth story!

  • I love ur birth story. I am glad that everything worked out for you. I am amazed at how big he is. I have a tall/broad hubby too so wish me luck :)Best of luck for u and ur new fam:)
  • Wow, 10 lbs??  That is amazing!  So glad to hear everything turned out ok.  He's a beautiful baby!
  • Congrats!!

    10 pounds?. Wow

  • I had a 9lb, 9oz girl at 42 weeks. They say the only go up from here...OH JOY!!!

    A friend's sister had a boy at 40 weeks + 2 that was 11lbs, 2oz. She labored insanely fast and delivered him vaginally with no epi. They didn't have time to give her one! She's a tall, large boned woman but she's more woman than I will ever be!

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