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Roll Call

Hi Ladies,

Let's do a check-in so we can see who's on this board!

*Town you live in (or if not comfortable, around abouts area)

*How many kids/ages - Or if your expecting, give details


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Re: Roll Call

  • I'll start:

    I'm 27, live in Lunenburg, expecting our first baby! Anthony is expected to be here sometime around August 22! DH and I are soo very excited and can't wait! :)

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  • Hi!  I'm 34, we live in Lowell and our son is almost 8 months old.  Congratulations on your pregnancy, motherhood is amazing! 
  • Hello! Hello!

    ?I'm Melissa, 24 years old and just moved to Billerica. We have a 4 year old daughter and expecting our second Nov 6th (but my guess is that the LO will make an arrival in October).??

  • Hi!
    My name is Annet, I'm in Sharon. My son is 4 months old (wow, I can't believe he's 4 months old already!). And I'm 27.
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  • My name is Sam and I'm 26. I live in Waltham, work in Boston. We're expecting our first December 2nd. I can't wait!
  • Hi Everyone! My name is Caron, we live in Framingham and we are expecting our first in sept! We are just beginning our daycare search in the Framingham Sudbury bring on some suggestions!



    BFP 7/27;US 6w6d saw hearbeat at 118bpm!! US 7w6d heartbeat 154bpm!!!

    BFP 1/9/09 15 DPO HCG= 371; 17 DPO HCG=902; 23 DPO= 7573
    1/23- US 5w4d saw yolk and gestational sac
    2/7- US 7w4d saw Heartbeat beating at 156 bpm!!!!

    BFP 9/16/08 HCG did not rise sufficiently; US confirmed ectopic prenancy 10/6/08 at 5w4d
    IM methotrexate 10/7/08, Day 21 after Meth- HCG less than 5!!!!

  • beerycebeeryce member
    I'm 25 and expecting our first July 13th! We just moved out to Lowell from California in January for my husband's job in Boston.
    remembering our angels
    kaden 5.01.10 @ 12w 6d due to SCH
    tripp 3.31.11 @ 18w 5d due to SCH

  • Hello,

        I live in Worcester, and we are expecting our first in early September.I plan on workig part time when he comes and am feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of daycare- so if anyone has any recommendations around Worcester, Leominster (where I work) or Hudson (where my husband works) let me know! :)


  • Hi Ladies- I live in Boston (Southie).  I am 12- weeks in with my first.

    Question- when I was on theknot we always had GTG.  Anyone interested in having one?

  • Hello.  I'm Sharon and I live and work in Beverly.  DS and I  are expecting Gabriella to arrive in late July.  We have 13 yr old twin boys so we are getting used to the fact of getting back into "baby mode".  Since my twin boys are older, I am looking to meet people in my area that will have a baby the same age as Gabby.  Good luck and congrats to all you expectant moms and dads!
  • I'm 27 and also live in Lunenburg. We have one son who is about 17 months. Trying to conceive #2 soon for a Spring 2010 baby!! Very excited :)
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  • Hi!  I'm 28 and live in South Boston with my husband.  We are expecting our first at the end of November! 
  • image willsmumma:
    I'm 27 and also live in Lunenburg. We have one son who is about 17 months. Trying to conceive #2 soon for a Spring 2010 baby!! Very excited :)

    Hello willsmumma Wink Very Exciting!! Sending you lots of luck for a BFP!

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  • I'm 31 and live in Millis. We're expecting our first -- and second -- child. Yup, it's identical twin girls. We've very excited, but also a bit anxious about it all!

  • First off Congratulations to everyone!!! Big Smile I'm 31, live in Peabody and work in Medford. My husband and I are expecting our first child on or around August 25th.  We chose not to find out the gender so I'm so ANXIOUS for August, haha. Looking forward to getting to know all of you! 

  • We are expecting our first child in November.  I live in Methuen and work in Medford. 
    We have the big ultrasound next Tuesday at 18 weeks and we are just so excited to see our baby again. 
  • Live in Foxboro(I like to call it Suxboro)

    One son, Christopher, 17 mo.

    I'm 27, my fiance is 34.

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