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Norwood Hopital??

Hi Everyone!! I'm new here so sorry if I mess up posting this! Anyways, I am pregnany with my third baby and had to get a new OB this time around. I delivered my first two at Sturdy Memorial and this time I will be delivering at Caritas Norwood. I know nothing about their maternity ward other than the quick tour a got last month. If anyone has delivered there I would love to hear some feedback, good or bad. Thank you all so much!!!

Re: Norwood Hopital??

  • I havent delivered there yet but so far I've been really happy with them.  I've gone there for my level II and a NST. 

    Dr. Ahn and Dr. Shen are great!

  • They do seem to be very nice and accomidationg. I am seeing Dr. Kahn. Shes great, as well as her NP Tine Rose. If you wouldnt mind letting me know how your birthing experience goes that would be great! Good luck!!!
  • I'll let you know!  I was over in L&D yesterday for 5+ hours for tests and they were SO great.
  • I didn't deliver there, but my son was sick with Bronchiolitis at 6 weeks old and was admitted there for 2 nights. The staff was great, and made us feel so comfortable.  They were so nice and concerned, and got us in quick. I think they are better with babies than adults!
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