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St.Luke Roosevelt or SIUH?

I live in Staten Island but work in the City. I had my first son at SIUH 8 years ago and was not crazy about the experience. I loved my Dr. (Dr. Trentacosta) and he did a wonderful job on my C Section, prenatal and post care. He has always been hard to get an appointment with unless pregnant so for the last few years I have been going to Dr. Kurt Christopher in the city who is affiliated with Roosevelt.

Dr. Christopher is good but his staff leaves a lot to be desired. I also don't know anything about Roosevelt but I do know that SIUH is getting very run down and the nurses there were not very friendly nor helpful. Need some advice as my first appointment is coming up and I'm not sure who to go with. TIA!

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  • is St. Luke Roosevelt in the city?  Personally, I can't imagine having to get into the city if I was in labor.
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    is St. Luke Roosevelt in the city?  Personally, I can't imagine having to get into the city if I was in labor.


    ditto, of course, I'm on the south shore, so it takes a while. 

    I know very little about SIUH other than the nurse recruiter is rude and the people I work with at RUMC who worked there in the past hated it there.  I've heard good things about RUMCs maternity ward.  I did not have my babies here and am finished with pg.   I'm not too fond of the rep of SIUH and of the lack of supplies at RUMC.  Let's just say, my physical assessment skills have become better fine tuned since working there.  they are finally, just now in the black again.  (or is it red?  not completely broke, you know what I mean? )   I enjoy the people I work with... trust the nurses I work with ... but I'm in an ICU... hear scary stories about the floors. not sure about maternity.  But I work with a nurse who lives near me (near south siuh) and delivered both babies up at rumc b/c she claims it has the better L&D and NICU. 

    Sorry, I have no experience.  I'm fairly new to the area. 

  • I delivered at SIUH 2 years ago... I was a c-section patient also.  I remember they handed me papers to sign right before I went into the OR allowing a resident to perform the surgery in any capacity that the Dr allows (not technical terms).  I read the papers VERY carefully and made them initial that I was not allowing anyone but the Dr to make the incision, perform the section and sew me back up -- the resident could only hold the skin open.  There was other stuff in the papers I didn't agree with, I suggest you read careful.

    Overall, I had a pretty good experience -- the maternity nurses were very nice and helpful... the rooms leave a lot to be desired after seeing what some of my girlfriends were staying in at their hospitals in NJ...

    I was in the same spot as you -- with an OB in manhattan, but left for one in SI because I couldn't imagine travelling to his office on my lunch break as the appts got closer together.

  • I wonder if SIUH offers private rooms?
  • image yani:
    I wonder if SIUH offers private rooms?

    Yes -- I had one, it's on a first come first serve basis and they charge you extra for a private room (don't remember how much). 

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