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Delivering at Beth Isreal Hospital In NYC.


  I'm due in August and I was wondering if anyone has delivered at Beth Israel  Hospital, If so how was your experience? I also heard  that the MATERNITY WARD is newly renovated. My main concern is the care that the BABY and I would be receiving if I were to deliver at this hospital.

Thanks and have a great day!

Re: Delivering at Beth Isreal Hospital In NYC.

  • I delivered there alittle after the's beautiful. Everyone was super nice....I have only good things to say about the staff there. They were all very helpful and supportive.


    Good luck!

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  • Good Morning!

    Thank you so much for answering my question! I've been very nervouse about delivering at a new hospital. I have two older children,  2 children. they were both born at St. Vincents Hospital. I don't remember it being so great for my first and thought it would be a little better since the next delivery was about five and a half years later '' I was even worse''  so since I've been receieving care at Beth Israel before this pregnancy I thought that maybe I should deliver there, But I've been a bit nervouse since I don't know anyone who has deliverd at Beth Isarael and I really don't want Nasty Doctors and Nurses. They were not supportive at all !!!

    Thank you and have a great day !

  • Hi there-

    I delivered at Beth Israel 3 weeks ago and had a great experience.  The nurses were all great.  I had a c-section and was there for 4 days/nights so we paid extra for a private room which if you can splurge on it, I highly recommend.  For $350/night (though they gave us the 4th night free) we had a large room with a private bathroom/shower, fridge, and 45" flat screen TV.  It made the stay much easier!

     Good luck!

  • I work at BI (Er department) so i am a little biased.  Other then I never was able to pick my meals and ate the same thing every day I have no complaint,  They have great breast feeding support, who will offer multiple bedside consultations and follow up calls (to the patient as well as to the ped md to check on the baby)  For the most part the baby stayed with me other then the midnight "cattle call" where they round up the babies for weigh in, and sponge baths.  Because I work there I was given a private room, but I know the suites are really nice. 



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