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Poll: Fav Shampoo & Hair type

I need some new shampoo and conditioner!  So what is your fav Shampoo and Conditioner? and what is your hair type too?


Re: Poll: Fav Shampoo & Hair type

  • My hair is fine but I have a lot of it...I love the dove shampoos, and herbal essences b/c of the way it smells
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  • I switch brands a lot.  Right now I'm back to plain old Pantene Classic.  My hair is weird- it's fine, but I've got a lot of it.  It has some natural curl, especially in the humidity... but I usually just blow dry it straight.  I don't fit into any of the major hair type categories.






  • I like to switch it up, but I've been on Garnier Fructis for a while.  If I change from that it's usually Pantene or sometimes Herbal Essences.  I have straight, thick hair... thought I do have a tiny bit of wave if I don't blow dry.
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  • See, I buy whatever is on sale (or that I have a coupon for).  I've used Garnier Fructis like the last 2 or 3 bottles and I'm not really feelin it anymore.  I may try the dove or herbal essence ones. 
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    I use Aveda - Smooth Infusion line or sometimes Color Conserve.  I have thick, but really fine hair.
  • I have super thick naturally curly hair that I straighten out every day.  I use Nexxus shampoo and conditioner - I don't know the exact names, but they are the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner b/c I do major damage to my hair!
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  • I have stick straight hair. ?I feel like I am practically bald, but hairdressers tell me its very thick. ??

    Anyhow, I mix it up. ?Right now I am on Panteen smooth and straight. ?I like Dove, I like Garnier Fructis.

    Also, my hair dressers get mad at me for buying drugstore shampoo. ? One of my very good friends is a hair dresser and she would not try to upsell me so I feel like she's speaking the truth. ? But at the end of the day, I do not prioritize salon shampoo any more. ?

    Once upon a time I used Aveda or Phyto.?

  • So true, my mom's a retired hairdresser (over 30 years).  She does my hair now...has pretty much all my life.  She like redken products for "salon" lines...but totally swears that there are very little differences in "drugstore" vs salon brands.  Obviously there are new smells and extracts/flavorings, but its all about the same. 

  • I like to alternate shampoos so I keep a few in the shower at a time.  It's probably crazy but it seems like someone once told me that helped and I feel like it does.  Right now I have Matrix, Chi, and Biolage shampoos.  I just use whatever I feel like on any given day.  I got a great deal on them when Ulta was having buy 2 get 1 free.  I usually get them at Target.  I like these shampoos but probably wouldn't ever take the time to get them if they weren't at Target where it's convenient.  I am cheaper on lots of things but I like to spend a little more on my shampoo.  When I graduated from college, I started buying nicer shampoo, replaced my old straightener with a chi, and started getting my haircut regularly instead of only when I had money.  lol  Oh, and my hair is very thick and naturally curly.  I blow it with a big round brush and straighten daily so I use a product on it when it's wet and a spray before I straighten to try to help with the damage.  You'd think I have amazing hair with all that but it drives me crazy and I'm rarely completely happy with it. 
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  • Aveda Pure shampoo and conditioner.  Smells so yummy!

    Oh, my hair is fine. 

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    I have thick but oily hair. I love the Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner, the ones that say Daily. I believe they also have moisturizing ones. They make my hair have a ton of volume. Always a good thing in my book.?
  • I use Aveda--I alternate between color conserve and the blue bottle that I can't remember the name of.  I have thick, straight hair that I color.
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  • My hair is very straight and not fine, but not too thick either.   It also gets greasy if I don't shampoo daily.  I use Matrix Humidifying or something like that LOL.  It works great on my hair and I an get it at Walmart hair place.  I have tried most of the dept store brands and found they just dry out my hair to the point I get split ends.  For me, spending a little money is worth it as it makes a differnce!  I used to use Purology when I worked, but its just too much $$ and the matrix does a great job also.  I color my hair and find the matrix is easy on the color also.....now i LOVED the Purology, but since I am not working, gotta save somewhere. 
  • Aveda - either color conserve or the blue bottles. My hair is thick and straight, but I straighten it to conceal some of the thickness.
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