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the Woodlands in Woodstock - what do you think?

DH and I are considering moving - we need more space. We drove through the Woodlands today and saw some good houses... I think a few nesties live there - Do you like the area? Is the community active? How are the schools? Please let me know your thoughts. We're currently in Roswell and haven't really considered moving out of North Fulton - I'm worried about the schools in Woodstock because I don't know anything about them (I'm a teacher in North Fulton)... Thoughts?
Thank you!

Re: the Woodlands in Woodstock - what do you think?

  • Hi Rebecca! ?I live in the Woodlands and I really like it. ?We have been here for 3.5 years. ?The HOA is very active and keeps the community and its amenities very well kept. ?There is a good mix of people too, from older couples, to young families, older families and young couples without children. ?There is pretty much every age group. ?I think everyone is pretty friendly in the neighborhood, in fact, most of our good friends are our neighbors in the Woodlands. ?My kids love the pool and playground. ?I can't speak for the schools because my kids are young, but my neighbors who have kids in them seem to really like them. ?They just remolded the elementary school and are building a brand new middle and high school. ?I am in the Enclave section of homes.


    If you have any other questions let me know!


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  • Hi Rebecca, I am not too far from there, just around the corner actually.  I have worked on some houses in the Woodlands so I am familiar with the Pulte neighborhood.  I love being over in this area, the only thing I would suggest is looking around the area a little more.  I know a lot of homes in the woodlands are going for around 200,000 with not a whole lot of land.  If you are willing to venture out a little more, I  think you will find a home with a little more land that is just as nice for much less.  My neighborhood is around the corner (3-4 minutes maybe) and a similar home (built in late 90's 's or early 2000), 3 bed, 2 bath, on a corner lot is going for $157.  We also have a very active homeowners association with a pool, tennis, soccer field, and playground.  Not quite as large a neighborhood as the woodlands, but I like it a whole lot.  Best of luck to you in you're search....You will LOVE Woodstock!
  • Hi...I'm also in the Woodlands and really like it here.  ToBeAPurvis covered pretty much everything but I just wanted to add that if you continue to teach in Fulton you can send your kids to any Fulton County school if you decide that you don't want to send them to our home school.  Just an option to keep in mind (I also work for Fulton County Schools).  I've heard that our home school is good but it's always nice to have another option just in case.  Feel free to ask any questions and good luck with your decision. 
  • I am not in that subdivision, but am only a couple miles away. I love the area.
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