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Some progress

As of today, at least 1 of Nate's molars is through!  Hallelujah!  I caught a glimpse of it this afternoon & then DH brought over the flashlight so we got a good look at it.  Unfortunately, we only got to look at one side of his mouth and then he was annoyed with us, so we gave up.  But 1 molar is better than none!

Also, Nate took 23 steps this evening!  He's been really motivated as we have worked on walking, and he did those steps walking away from me (he was trying to see what DH was doing in the kitchen).  It was really cute.  :)

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  • yay Nate!
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  • That's great news!  I hope the rest of his molars come in quickly.  And yay for walking!  I bet he'll be all over the place in no time! :)
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  • Teeth AND steps...go Nate!  He's been a busy boy with all that going on:o)

  • Yay Nate!!! ?Molars are the WORST! ?Hopefully now that one is in the others won't be so bad!
  • Go Nate!
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  • Ben's top 2yr molars are causing him to be a bear.  Molard through are definitely cause for celebration!!

    And I'll give you a 1/4 yay for the walking :o)  I tried to keep Ben down for as long as possible - but that's just because he got in enough trouble crawling.  Walking was sure to mean BIG trouble :o)

  • Yay Nate!!!  It's so hard to see in their mouths to really see what's going on.  And pretty soon he'll be walking all over the place!

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  • Great news about the teeth and the walking, go Nate!!
  • yay, nate!!
  • Go Nate!!  Hopefully Eli won't be too far behind you!

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