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Well, it just hit me.

I am really going to have a baby. There, I said it! I've been generally going about my business throughout PG and could be seen as procrastinating. Not because I haven't been excited (I am!) but because the thought of all the changes was overwhelming to focus on all at once. Most of my sisters had c-sections so I figured I would most likely end up having one too and really hadn't concentrated too much on labor. I figured I would face it inevitably one way or another. So far, our baby has been breeched. Well, fast forward to yesterday, when I had to see the doctor because of pelvic pain. Apparently, the baby turned and is now in the right position. (Realizing that the doctor could tell just by doing a quick look was in and of itself somewhat strange and while I realize all modesty is going to be tossed out the window, I just hadn't been  focusing on it.)

So now I'm thrilled that the baby has turned but also thinking, holy cow, I need to prepare myself for actual labor. So you'll likely be hearing more from me in the coming weeks as I try to collect information and experiences. :) AND, since I moved out here less than a year ago and work from home (travelling for work often), I'm ready to meet many of you ladies while on maternity leave and beyond! :)

Re: Well, it just hit me.

  • You will do fine! In all honesty I don't think things really set in until like the 2nd or 3rd week home with the baby, and even that is all a blur now, three months in. Labor itself is really not that scary (for most people). You will have nurses and your doctor who will take great care of you the whole time.

    I would suggest taking a birthing class at wherever you are going to deliver, that really helped me understand the process and what to do/expect. I labored for 10 hours and pushed for 2 and still ended up with a c-section. You just never know!! But in the end it is all worth it.




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  • Thanks for the great advice/support! We're starting our classes this week...
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  • You will be fine!
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