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AW: Natalie's 1st Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is 1 year old today!  Wow, has it gone fast.  We're still in WI but I wanted to jump on to tell you that her party went really well.  She had a blast and quickly fell asleep after!  She didn't dig into her cake like I was hoping but she sampled it.  I can't wait to share photos.  I just don't have my converter with to upload any right now.  I hope you're all have a great weekend!

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Re: AW: Natalie's 1st Birthday

  • Happy 1st Birthday Natalie!!!  Glad you are having fun.
  • Happy 1st birthday Natalie!! Glad the party went well!! Hope u enjoy the rest of the trip and have a safe trip home!!
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  • Happy birthday Natalie (whew!  Made it with a minute to spare!!)

    ETA:  Well, MY clock says 11:59 - lol!

  • I'm so glad Natalie enjoyed her party!  Liam didn't make as big a mess with his cake as I would have thought either.  Can't wait to see your pictures! :)
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  • Glad it went well, can't wait to see the pictures!

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  • Wow! I cant believe it either! Congrats to you and Dh for making it through. I hope your family enjoyed the time with yuo and the "big news".

    Have a great rest of the trip!

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  • YAY! Happy Birthday and congrats to mommy & daddy for making it through the 1st year!
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  • Awww--glad to hear she had a great birthday!
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