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What happens when you go downstairs to switch out the laundry??

Well, if you have a 2yo and 4 yo, they will deadbolt the door and they won't be able to undo it.  So then you run around the parking lot screaming (mostly because of pregnancy hormones) trying to get someone's attention (because it's 9:45 in the morning) to call someone to get you back inside your apartment.  The front office of course is not open and obviously you don't have your cell phone on you.  So you finally track down some poor unsuspecting guy driving his car through the parking lot and flag him down.  You demand the use of his cell phone and promptly call 911 while hysterically crying.  15 minutes later a firetruck appears with some of the hottest Firemen you have ever seen.  You try to explain the situation that how both doors into the apartment are dead bolted from the inside.  One Fireman, after trying to pry the door open decides to use a ladder to climb up on to your balcony, you yell to your 4yo to unlock the door (since THAT door he can unlock) and the Fireman then comes down to unlock the door to the garage. 

That was my morning.  I'm just glad I was dressed decently.  Normally I would have still been in my pajamas (which the shirt I slept in last night was um, kind of see through...that's why I was changed before getting the kids up this morning).  2 more days and we're out of this apartment.  Of course this had to happen the week I found out I was pregnant and 2 days before we moved. 
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Re: What happens when you go downstairs to switch out the laundry??

  • Sounds like an eventful morning! I'm glad everything worked out.
  • Sorry that your day was so scary, i hope the hot firemen helped you calm down a little :o)
  • Oh no! I hope your afternoon was better than your morning today! Gosh, if kids only knew the stress they put on us sometimes.
  • Love hot fireman!  Glad to hear that everything worked out.
  • Wow!  That sounds horrible! I'm sorry you had such a tough morning. 
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