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healing nipples?

I am new to the board so sorry if this has been asked a million times. I have a crack and it is so painful to nurse. I really really don't want to give up but am wondering if the only way for it to heal is to stop nursing. From reading the other posts it seems like a lot of you cracked and bleed. When did it heal? and was there anything in particular you did to heal it?

side note, my supply is on the low side so we have to supplement as well. I pump on ton on the side that doesn't hurt and always nurse on the sore side (the baby hurts far less than the pump and drains me much quicker).

Thanks for any advice!

Re: healing nipples?

  • I had huge cracks in both nipples when ds was less than a week old.  My LC had me apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water with a cotton ball after each feed or pump.  I mixed 1 oz of hydrogen peroxide and 3 oz of water.  I then applied lanolin cream. my nipples healed in 2 days.  I can't imagine how painful it is b/c I was using a nipple shield and had it happen.  Good luck
  • I almost gave up too because it was so painful. I know how much it hurts, but don't give up...it doesn't last forever. 1st...always wear a bra...letting a shirt without a bra rub on them makes it worse. 2nd...keep nursing to keep your supply up. 3rd...the hospital gave me some and I found them at cvs...they are soothing things that you stick in your bra to cool and heal the nipple...they are wonderful! I think I used them the whole first week after I had my son. Once you get past that first week or so your nipples will toughen up.
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  • I know your pain...it gets better I promise.  I suggest going to kellymom.com and look up tips for cracked nipples or abrasions ...you will get some really good info there.  The best tip for me was to use the least painful breast first then offer the other one....also you can put ice on your nipple to numb it a bit before you latch baby on! Also apply breastmilk to the nipple after baby is done nursing..it will help heal. GL! 

  • i have one right now...it helped to change positions. ?I got the crack doing cross-cradle, so I get a lot of relief doing football because he pulls differently on the crack that way. ?The LC also suggested favoring the other side and/or pumping to get a break.
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