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new to board- almost 14 mos and I want to stop- need help!

DS is almost 14 months old and to be honest, I'm tired of BF. I'm so proud I've gone this long, but I'd like to wean him. We still BF in the morning and at night. He takes whole milk the rest of the day.

Can you please tell me some tips for weaning? Do I stop cold turkey? That doesn't seem right- I'm afraid I will get painful calcifications, etc. Do I do the cabbage trick?

I just really don't know. I asked my mom and she said she forgot how she stopped with me and my younger brother was very sick and hospitalized at 9mos and she says the stress at the time just dried her up anyway.

Any tips would be appreciated.

thank you 

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Re: new to board- almost 14 mos and I want to stop- need help!

  • I stopped cold turkey a month ago.  We were already down to morning & night feedings only, so it went really well.  No issues for DD at all, but I did have to pump & manually express a few times.  I also used the cabbage & took Sudafed, ibuprofen.  Not sure if any of that really helped, but it took a total of 3 weeks to feel comfortable again.  Good luck.

  • When I weaned my DD we took several weeks for the process, still keeping the morning and night feedings (so basically I daytime weaned from the pump/nursing)

    I started by moving my pumping schedule/nursing times out by 45 minutes to an hour. So instead of every 3 hours we'd go every 4. When that was comfortable, which took about 4-5 days, I'd go 5 hours instead of 4, and so on and so forth until we were down to just the feedings I wanted to keep.

    A few months later when we completely weaned I just dropped those completely. I was engorged for about 2-3 days, then I was fine.

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  • Thank you so much for asking this!  I'm in the same boat -- DS nurses 4 times a day, though....  I'm putting it off because I think he's going to be really sad for a while which totally stresses me out.  Thanks for the info ladies - it's helping me out too!
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    We nursed AM/PM for months. (From about 12 months of age, when I stopped pumping at work, to about 22-23 months of age.)

    I dropped the PM session first, because she was least attached to it. After I stopped pumping at work, I never went out of my way to offer to nurse on evenings when we were out and about. Eventually, at around 22 months, I realized that we weren't nursing in the evenings probably at least 2-3 nights/week. So I just stopped offering even on the days when we were home, and she never once asked.

    The morning session was a little tougher. About 2 weeks after I stopped offering in the evenings, I also stopped offering in the mornings. We went through a few weeks where she'd ask to nurse on occasion, but after a while, she stopped asking. We haven't nursed in almost a month now.

    I didn't have any engorgement issues. I went really slowly, and anyway, my supply was way down by that point.

    Good luck!

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