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3rd Trimester

Hospital bag?

When did you pack yours?  I am thinking it is still a bit early for me, but maybe I could start getting a list together.  Also, are you keeping your bag in the house or in your car (e.g. if you go into labor at work)?


Re: Hospital bag?

  • At 35 weeks. I made a list and put things in there little by little I have it here at home I dont work but it might be a good idea to keep it in your car if you do work.?
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    At 35 weeks. I made a list and put things in there little by little I have it here at home I dont work but it might be a good idea to keep it in your car if you do work.

    This exactly.

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    I started putting things together on the guest bed over a week ago.  Good thing, since we were in L&D triage on Wednesday and then they decided to keep me.  Most everything I needed/wanted was on the bed for my DH to pack.  Other stuff was toiletries, phone chargers, etc.--> things he could easily find and identify.

    Even if you don't pack it, start organizing what you want before you need it.

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  • Here's my list: I began putting everything in one corner at week 30 and then packed at 35 weeks. I still have everything in the house because I don't want to keep it in our melting-hot car. Here's my list:

    Things to Pack to the Hospital

    ____ Health insurance card

    ____Identification card

    ____ Change for vending machines

    ____ Camera, charger

    ____ Cell phone and charger

    ____ Laptop and Charger

    ____ Nightgown, Slippers, Socks, Few panties, Nursing Bra

    ____ Nursing pads

    ____ Clothes to wear home

    ____ Glasses

    ____ Toothbrush, toothpaste

    ____ Hair brush, bands and pins, bandanas

    ____ Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, pads, razor, mirror, chap stick, sponge, make up

    ____ Towel

    ____ Flip Flops

    ____ Snack for DH ? Monster Drink, cookies, energy bars, water, pepsi, hard candy, gum

    ____ Jammies for DH

    ____ Popular Science for DH

    ____ A notepad and a pen

    ____ Baby flannel receiving blanket

    ____ Warm baby blanket

    ____ Washcloths

    ____ Baby's going home outfit


    DH's To Do List Before going to Hospital:

    ____ eat a hot, filling meal

    ____ call hospital that we are on the way

    ____ make sure carseat is in the car (we keep it in the house for now)

    ____ make yourself hot tea to take with you

    ____  make yourself a quick lunch to take with you (ex: tuna fish sandwich and yogurt)

    ____  put bag in the car


    Put in the bag:

    ____  laptop / charger

    ____ cellphone / charger

    ____ camera / charger

    ____ insurance identicication card for June

    ____ hot tea and a meal


  • I just started packing my hospital bag tonight!  I am keeping it in the house, but I don't drive to work so that is not an issue for me.
  • Mine is 1/2 packed.  Right now it's in the house but I think I'll throw it in the car when I go for my 36 week checkup/growth scan, just in case for some reason I get sent off to the hospital.

  • I probably will be doing mine in the last 3 weeks. That way I can be ready just incase of him coming early. I am just going to keep it in the house and in a closet. As soon as I am ready to go to the hospital we can just pull it out. If I go into labor someplace my FI could come home after and bring the bag.
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  • I just packed mine tonight.  The bag is at home in our bedroom because there are a few last minute things that need to be thrown in the bag, that I don't want to pack until last minute.  (Camera, IPod, laptop)  It's not really THAT early, I said I was going to pack mine at like 28 weeks and I just didn't get around to it until now. 
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