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One stolen vehicle and carseat replaced

We replaced my husband's vehicle, that was stolen a few weeks ago, this weekend. Of course this meant we had to replace the carseat we had just installed in it too. The woman who checked us out at BRU on Saturday remembered us from just buying the carseat and couldn't believe someone had stolen the vehicle.

I still can't decide if this is one of those lightening doesn't stike twice in the same spot cases or if he wasn't thinking when he brought and upgraded version of the same vehicle to park back in the parking lot at work. The vehicle was stolen in from his employers parking lot in the middle of the work day.  

Re: One stolen vehicle and carseat replaced

  • Yay! Did they let you use both coupons? Did you get the carseat for your car too? Andrew looks so big in that picture. We need a playdate with Parker too. They will actually have fun together now. I hope you have a better day at work tomorrow.
  • They let me use the 15% off for one item and 15% a carseat. We only bought the one for his car. We just couldn't bring ourselves to spend anymore money since the insurance check was just sent to the bank and GAP hasn't started their paperwork yet.

    We do need a playdate. I am off from June 29th to July 10th. Maybe we can work something out with Stacy for the weekend or maybe she just needs a day off too.

     Tomorrow has to be better. After friday I seriously started asking myself if I can keep doing the job and still put Andrew first. It just felt like I was being asked to put someone else's child before my own in a situation where I was stuck both ways.

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