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Freezer to Deep Freeze? Anyone done this?

I have stored a lot of milk in my freezer and it's starting to take up too much space!  (Small AW woohoo for me)  We are thinking about buying a small deep freezer and transfering all the milk over there since it can be stored much longer in the deep freeze.  Has anyone done this and if so, how long did the milk that you transfered over last?

Any thoughts, tips, ideas, etc on the topic?

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Re: Freezer to Deep Freeze? Anyone done this?

  • I always freeze my freshly pumped milk in my regular freezer FIRST and then I transfer it to my deep freeze. I assume it lasts the standard 6 months...but I Try to use my milk somewhere between 4-5 months.
  • I asked this question before and got 3 responses.  Everyone said it will not be stay good as long in the deep freezer as it would have if I just put it right in there.  So, I didn't end up transfering it.  Instead I just left what I have in the regular freezer and started my new stash in the deep freezer.
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  • My friend has done this...usually a regular freezer keeps BM for 3-6 months and a deep freezer 6-12 months...breastmilk is good unless it smells really bad or tastes sour! Depends on how long you had it in your freezer before transferring it to the deep maybe 9 months is a good rule of thumb?!! GL!
  • Right now my stash is about 3 weeks ahead of DD.  Major improvement from before, we were running about 6 days apart.  I put milk in the regular freezer until I have enough to fill a large ziploc bag with them and then take them to the basement and put them in the deep freeze.  We have it figured out that one of those big bags lasts 1.5 weeks almost at the baby sitter.  DD only goes 3 days a week.  When I first went back to work my deep freeze had roughly 200oz in it, the oldest was 3 months.  The oldest milk DD has taken from the deep freeze was 4.5 months and she had no issues.  I would say just make sure you use it around the 6 month mark or so.  Def sniff it before giving it.
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