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3rd Trimester

I love when...

DS is laying on my bladder and I have to go REALLY bad.. but can't get up because of the way he is laying. Yeah, awesome!

Your turn.


Re: I love when...

  • I love when I'm rolling over in bed, which takes 3 minutes to simply reposition myself....and mid leg swing my hip pops and hurts like a blitch!  Dang that stings.
  • He kicks my side so bad it makes me jump. I also love when I have to pee and its just to much trouble to get up to i sit for a bit hoping for the energy to get up when he head butts me and I have to run to the bathroom. LOL
  • I love that I can't bend over, so when I go to pick something up off the ground I have to squat, then I have a hard time getting back up.


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  • I hate when I'm walking and every step I take feels like I'm going to pee myself because DD is pressing against my bladder- whether I just peed or not. OR when I finally got comfortable after an hour of laying in bed- and DD decides its time for her dance lessons in my belly.
  • DD gets really active just as I am almost asleep every night.  Or wakes me up in the middle of the night because she is having a dance party in my uterus. 
  • I feel the urge to pee every 15 min and I am not at home.
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