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which is better or is it the same?

Let's say you had 40 servings of BM in the freezer and formula has been introduced without any problems.  The baby is almost at the 1 year mark and you are ready to wean at that point.

If the baby takes 4 bottles/day would it be better to give 1 bottle of BM and 3 bottles of formula each day for 40 days

or to give 4 bottles of BM for 10 days and the remaining 30 days do 4 servings of formula?

Is there a nutritional benefit either way?

Re: which is better or is it the same?

  • I asked the LC a similar question when I first went back to work (thinking I would not be able to keep up with DD). She thought about it for awhile and then said the second option. I think it had a lot to do with it being winter time and wanting DD to get as much immunologic benefit as possible. Since it's not cold and flu season, maybe it doesn't make a difference? Maybe ask a LC?

    Congrats on making it to 1 year!

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