I'm sure this has been posted before.... — The Bump

I'm sure this has been posted before....

However I don't have a ton of time to look through all of the posts.

 Ok so my son will be 2 weeks old on Tuesday and I had trouble breastfeeding from the first 5 minutes. He came out, they cleaned him up and we put him right to the breast but wasn't really interested.  the nurse told me he took in a bunch of amniotic fluid on his way out and so basically he was full. We tried the first day in the hospital a few times but he wasn't hungry. Day 2 he was put in an incubator under the bili lights and we were only allowed to take him out to change his diaper, they put him on a supplemental formula for that time and then had me continue it after he was out because they needed him to eat so he would poop and since my milk hadn't come in yet he wasn't gettng enough from me. so now he's on the formula and i'm drinking tons of water and pumping all the time to try to at least build up my supply but it's not working. I have no problem with him not actually taking to the breast, but i want him to get the breast milk. any suggestions on how to increase supply or get him back to the breast?

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Re: I'm sure this has been posted before....

  • Your milk supply is based on supply and demand...everytime your son needs to eat you should at least try to breastfeed him. If he doesn't take to it, then give him the bottle and then pump so you keep your supply up. Try not to skip and of his feedings on pumping and your supply will be fine. I have a friends whose daughter never could take to the breast, but she pumped on a strict schedule and was able to have plenty of milk for her daughter and was able to donate a lot too!

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    Sorry you're going through such an ordeal.  It sounds like you were a little misinformed and pushed around.  DS had jaundice and we had to use the bili blanket at home to get his levels under control, but I just made sure to nurse him a lot.  While formula breaks down the biliruben and breastmilk does not...breastmilk still makes baby poop a lot which flushes out the biliruben.  So I just made sure to pump DS full of breastmilk.  It took him longer to completely rid his body of biliruben, but the pedi said it was fine and not to supplement with formula.

    ANYWAY - At 2 weeks, why is he still on formula?  Pump at least every 2 hours.  Try to nurse him every time he's hungry before jumping straight to the bottle.  Buy a nipple shield to see if he will nurse using that (it's an artificial nipple like the bottle so it might make the switch easier for him).

    Good luck!

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  • I second the nipple shield. It helped us a ton at the beginning. Good luck!
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