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Why are Glamourmom tanks better?

I have heard a lot of you recommend the Glamour mom nursing tanks.  I am just wondering why they are better than your regular run of the mill nursing tanks?


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Re: Why are Glamourmom tanks better?

  • I DON"T think they're better.  But many feel they are more supportive, like having a bra and a tank on.  I don't like them because the holes don't line up with my breasts, so it makes it uncomfortable and a hassle.
  • I don't think Glamourmom are better at all!  I regret spending $$$ on 2 of them!  The only reason I did was because I was sick of wearing gray, black & white every.single.day.  Try Target or Walmart - they are cheaper & more comfortable IMO.
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  • I LOVE my Glamourmom tanks! I live in them. They are very supportive and I like that they have the hole - more discreet for me when I nurse in public. I don't have a nursing cover, so the tanks have been really great.

    I had tanks from Motherhood and Target, and they were awful. The fabric wasn't as nice, and they weren't supportive at all. I found those uncomfortable.

    It's a matter of preference. Some people like them, some don't.


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    I bought one and have only wore it once.  It made me look frumpy.  The only thing I liked about it was the length.

    I prefer o'malley mcgees...much cheaper too.

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  • i don't like them either...the holes don't line up with my nipples and they end up rubbing them in an uncomfortable way...i like the bravado nursing tank that i have...but i don't love it so i'm still looking for one...
  • I have two and hate them!  The fabrics are totally itchy and they are just awkward to wear.  I use target ones and gap maternity has some really nice ones although they arent supportive.  I've heard bravado (bravadodesiigns.com) are really nice and next baby i think i'm going to try some of those.
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