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? for those with kids that have tubes

Whats the rule with swimming and baths after getting tubes? ?I know the nurse mentioned something to us last week about not letting him get in the pool or bath without plugs in his ears...is that just in the beginning or forever?

Re: ? for those with kids that have tubes

  • We dont have tubes so Im no expert, but my understanding is, yes that is something that you always do while they have tubes.  But this is from the mayo clinic website:

    Can children swim if they have ear tubes?

    If your child has ear tubes ? tiny cylinders placed through the eardrum to drain fluid and allow air into the middle ear ? ask his or her doctor about ear protection for swimming. Some doctors recommend that children who have ear tubes wear earplugs while swimming to prevent bacteria from entering the middle ear. However, routine use of earplugs may only be needed when children dive or swim in untreated water, such as lakes and rivers.

  • We were told that Eli only needed ear plugs if he was swimming in untreated water, like a lake or the ocean.  He does not need them in the bath or in the pool, unless he is going to be a couple of feet under, which he will obviously not.  But just like anything else, every dr probably says something different.

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