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If you're on facebook...

please respond to my status to help me make a point to my father

Re: If you're on facebook...

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  • Thanks ladies! ?And you'll have to ignore the fact that my father types in all caps...he can't get it through his head that that is rude, he just is too lazy to do it correctly. ?LOL!
  • Um yeah, I really wanted to reply to his comment...I didn't realize only older people are entitled to take a break and relax.  Guess this younger generation is just lazy, huh?  I had to really bite more tongue cause I figured no need to throw fuel on the fire.  Hopefully he got the point though that's it's o.k. for you to take a break!

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  • And now my sister and cousin are posting about how CHILDISH I am for posting that status and that I have better things I could be doing with my time. ?So apparently I'm not allowed to take a break AND I'm not allowed to try and stand up for myself when told I'm being a bad Mommy. ?Don't you just love family?!
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