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Pumping problem?

I started pumping for the first time yesterday.  The 1st time I got 1 oz, 2nd I got almost 2 oz, and this morning I didn't even get 1 oz.  Am I doing something wrong?  I've been BFing since her birth and haven't had any problems with her getting enough to eat.  (she gained all her weight back in the 1st week). 

 I have to go to school to pack up my room this week for 2 days, so I need enough for her to eat while I'm gone.  I know I'll have enough, but I need to pump and have a stash for the fall.



Re: Pumping problem?

  • It definitely sounds normal, especially if you are EBF right now and your LO is less than a month old. 


  • i'm having the exact same problem as you. i just started pumping this week and the most i have ever gotten is 3 oz. from both sides combined. i'm looking foward to your replys!?
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  • Sounds normal to me...especially given your DC's age and the fact that you are EBFing. You'll get more over time.
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