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i feel like a blubbering idiot.

so maybe i cursed myself with my previous post about not bleeding after a d&c, because it's been a few days and i am bleeding a lot more and in a significant amount of pain. it woke and kept me up last night, and it's been getting worse all morning. it's been really upsetting because it's hard enough going through the emotional trauma of a m/c, but having to deal with pain-- increasing pain-- at that is just an added stress. so i start crying and i talk to my parents (because i am a complete baby) and they advise me to call the dr.

so i finally get up the nerve to call the dr-- i didn't want to because i didn't want to annoy someone on a saturday-- and left a message with the answering service explaining my d&c and the pain i've had since. the oncall dr calls me back, and right off the bat he's a complete a-hole to me. he got all pissy because the line was initially staticy and i couldn't hear him. he started yelling "i'm talking as loud as i can, i don't know what you want me to do-- TALK LOUDER!" so i told him i could hear him and he didn't say anything, there was a long silence. so finally i'm like "ok, so... i'm in pain." his response: "why, are you in labor?" so i immediately lost it and start crying, and he's impatient with me and keeps barking a bunch of questions at me and finally he tells me i probably have a bladder infection and it has nothing to do with the d&c and he'll perscribe some antibiotics. he got annoyed at me when i didn't immediately have the number of a pharmacist and i got even more flustered and he finally said i should just call the answering service back when i knew what i was doing. at that point i asked what i should do for the pain and he was just like "nothing, if it's an infection the antibiotics will eventually clear it up."

well how the hell is that supposed to help me now? so i can't stop crying, i'm even more upset now then ever... i'm an emotional wreck, i'm a hormonal wreck, i'm in physical pain and the oncall dr was MEAN to me and perscribed some bs medication that isn't going to do jack for me.

i am the definition of a hot mess right now.

Re: i feel like a blubbering idiot.

  • oh my gosh, that dr needs to find a different job, or develop the ability to cover up his own bad mood when talking to patients. i am so sorry about everything you are going through, wish there was more we could all do, other than internet hugs and kind words. i hope everything gets cleared up for you, until then, have some internet hugs anyway Smile ::hugs::
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  • OMG! Call the answering service back and if the a-hole calls you back tell him you want to speak to someone with a heart. He obviously doesn't know what the heck he's doing. And if you still don't get anywhere with them, go to the ER.


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  • I had my d&c on wed am, I was 10 weeks, but baby was around 7 weeks (even thought HB was great at 8w0d)

    I had very little spotting at all that day, nothing that night.

    Thurs afternoon I had a bit of spotting, pantyliner, I'd say, and then fri I had to wear a reg pad for medium flow. bright red. small clots. Lots of cramping today but the bleeding is pretty minimal.

    I was given methergine (sp?) to help shrink my ute, and doxy for anti-b's. I had a slight fever on wed. post surgery.

    From what I gather, this is all pretty "normal" for post d&c.

    sorry your doc is a douche.

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  • I am also, BY FAR, a bigger hot mess today than the other days. I've cried 9000 times. I don't really feel hormonal yet, but my bewbs are jabbing me every hour to remind me I've lost yet another baby.

    Sorry you're going thru this, too. It sucks donkey balls.

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  • Oh, I am SO sorry about this!  Not only does that doctor sound like a complete a-hole, but I am not so sure that he knows what he is talking about.  If he is the only one that you can reach from your office this weekend, then I would just go to the ER.  And pick an ER that is in a hospital with a good women's health department.

    The ER docs that I had to go to for my D&C were great, and they should have at leas an OB resident come down and take a look at you.  I just don't think his answer is acceptable.  Take care of yourself!  (((Big Hugs)))

    By the way (maybe TMI) - but any discomfort when you urinate?  Increase frequency of urination?  I mean, does it feel at all like a UTI?

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  • it's not that there's pain when i urinate specifically, but there's discomfort anytime i go to the bathroom, especially when i empty my bowels. it's just a lot of cramping and it sucks.

    i was livid when he prescribed an antibiotic and i am sure he did it only because it's the "safest" choice. since i'm not allergic to anything, he can't really mess up all that much by perscribing an antibiotic. if he perscribed a pain med, it could potentially have more side effects that he probably doesn't want to be responsible for. so i'm going to take the darn thing, and if i need to i will call at midnight and wake his butt up to complain about the pain.

    i really really hate to admit this, but i have some perscription pain meds left over from getting my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, and i took one of those. i HATE doing that and i really felt guilty about it because i didn't have a current perscription, but why should i suffer because he's a douchebag.

    oh, and as if the above conversation with him wsn't enough, he forgot to call in the perscription for the stupid antibiotic. so i called the answering service and said the oncall dr was a jerk who was completely insensitive and rude to me and it was very upsetting considering the emotional toll of the procedure i had. i told them i did NOT want him calling me back and did not want to talk to him, and if there were any other problems i would call back and demand to talk to someone else, ie my regular doc.

    there were no more problems after that. for now, at least.

  • Well, I wouldn't feel bad about taking the left over pain pills, honestly.  As long as nothing major has changed with your health since those were prescribed, and as long as you aren't mixing meds that shouldn't be mixed.  I actually had a couple pills left over from a previous surgery that I took for about 1 day because I really needed something extra.  I am sure that my doc would have prescribed something, but I take narcotics very sparingly and didn't really need a whole new bottle.

    Take care of yourself!

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  • That doctor sounds horrible. I am so sorry.

    I will say that what you are describing sounds pretty normal to me as well. My post D&C experience was very similar. I think taking the pain pill was fine. Take another if you need it! I was given a pain prescription automatically with my D&C and after two days I thought I wasn't going to have to use it - day three and four were a different story. Boy was I glad to have those meds!?

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