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it's 5am and my husband is still snoring.

i introduced myself to the board by announcing i was getting a d&c and that my husband was keeping me up snoring. well, i had the d&c a few days ago, and i'm having trouble sleeping to begin with, and yes. husband is still snoring.

part of the reason i'm awake is because i am having major cramps and increased bleeding and that woke me up, and now worry/sadness is keeping me awake. i'm just wondering... did your drs perscribe you anything, either for physical pain, emotional sanity,  or the hope of sleep, after your m/c? i could have sworn mine was supposed to but i guess he changed his mind cause i got nothing except advise to take some advil.

p.s.-- i hate that facebook itself somehow found out i was pregnant and is still posting adds about newborns and becoming a mom.

Re: it's 5am and my husband is still snoring.

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    I am so sorry. I hope you get some sleep soon. The nights are hard for me, too. My MD prescribed pain medication--yours should have, too (IMO). Maybe he (or she) can call in a prescription for you.
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  • Yes, my doctor did prescribe pain medication, which I didn't really need but it did help with both pain and sleep. I think I could have managed without it, but I was glad to have it.

    If you are in pain, call the on-call number. Your doctor or his back-up can prescribe something for pain.

    Having said that, being unable to sleep has been a huge problem for me. I've been doing a lot of early morning and late-night cooking.

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  • My obgyn prescribed Oxycodone/Apap.  The first night that I found out about the miscarrriage and took Misoprostal, it was difficult to sleep.  I have been better since then with the pain medication.  It makes you a little drowsy, so I only take it at night. 

    I was laughing at your post, because my husband was "breathing heavier" this morning.  I am also one of those kind of people that when I cannot sleep I have to get up and do something or eat a snack. 

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  • I didn't end up having the D&C, but my doctor didn't prescribe me anything and I had heavy bleeding and cramps for a while after. My DH snores too, and it was wierd how some nights it would be comforting, and other nights (especially the bad ones) it would drive me crazy and I'd have to go sleep in the guest room... which was supposed to be the baby's room, so that pretty much made things worse.  as for facebook, I think we just notice those types of things more now that the topic of babies and pregnancy is an open wound. ::hugs:: Don't worry things will get easier.
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