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  • I went there at the beginning of my pregnancy before I switched to the birth center.  They were fine.  I didn't love any of the doctors I saw, but I didn't hate them either.  The good thing was that they were really helpful when I was spotting early on.  They brought me in right away and did 3 rounds of betas.  The nurse who reported them to me was kind of a biotch (every time she called she'd say "That's a really low number..." and I was like, well, I'm 14 dpo, it should be low... anyway).  And then when I spotted later on, they brought me right in and checked for a h/b.  So they did what they could to make me feel better when I needed it. 
  • I loved my doctor there (Radford, who is only a GYN, unfortunately) but hated the nurses.

    I had a lot of trouble with cysts earlier in 2008 & felt like they were not taking me seriously.  I was in tears, begging to be seen because I was running a fever, my stomach was distended, & I knew a cyst had burst, but the nurse told me it was normal & to just "wait it out" without even consulting the doctor.

    So the doctors:  A

    Nurses:  FAIL

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  • I've gone there for almost 10 years, and I like them. I see Dr. Barrett and she's really sweet. I saw all of them through the duration of my pregnancy, and there were definitely some I liked better than others. Dr. Richardson was super sweet too... I also liked Dr. Buckley--he was super laid back--which was helpful when DH came along.. I have no complaints about them other than some of their front desk staff can leave a little to be desired. But all in all, I like them a lot.

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  • i go there.
    i have no complaints.
    i feel like they are "laid back" when it comes to pregnancy and "rules and guidelines."
    i actually like all the doctors.
    yes, the office staff are not always the most personable, but i usually just want to get and out so it doesn't bother me.
    i like that they are attached to Rex birth center, and i can usually get an appt whenever i prefer.

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  • I ended up switching after my initial appt. and ultrasound b/c their requirement to see all 6 doctors in the practice prior to delivery felt impersonal. I definitely understand the practicality of it but it just wasn't the right fit for me.
  • Wow, I'm surprised at all of the negative responses, since I have absolutely no negative experiences with the docs, staff or nurses. I didn't mind seeing different  docs. I always scheduled my appointments for 10am on Fridays [about the ONLY time a month I could be there] and I saw several of them repeatedly. I don't remember them making a huge deal about "Oh you've already seen so-and-so, so we must schedule you with someone else". I LOVED the check in nurse at the Cary location, and the check out chick with the spikey hair was always so sweet too. I would highly recommend them.

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  • Isn't it a standard practice at most offices to see all of the doctors? I wanted to get to know them all since there was no guarantee I'd get the one I knew, depending on who was on call. The one who did my c-section, I only saw once, but I was glad that I had at least met her. There did end up being a couple that I never saw--like MrsG said, they never made a big deal out of it and just scheduled me with whoever was available. I only saw Barrett, Gausman (who did my c/s) and Tosky (sp?) once, and I saw Buckley and Richardson the rest of the time.

    Oh, and the spikey haired chick doesn't work there anymore. hehe. She was nice, but one day we went in and she had some rockin' dreadlock/braids (very obviously fake). DH and I had a hard time containing ourselves. Hehe.  Now there's some 17 year old chick there (ok, that's probably an exaggeration.) The check in girl did eventually grow on me. :-)

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