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DH is not allowed to

have surgery while I am pregnant again! It was just Lasik but I was a nervous wreck today. He called me 20 minutes before he was done to go and pick him up. The actual procedure was only 10 minutes but on the way to get him my stomach was in a knot and I felt like I was going to throw up! He wasn't nervous at all because he's so carefree about everything but I felt like I was the one that needed the Valium!!  He told me what all they did and there is no way I could go through that awake! He was excited when he walked out and could see signs without his contacts though. So far so good.

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  • My DH had that while I was pregnant too. I went with him and watched on the screen (except when they flipped the flap of the eye). Recovery isn't too bad, except wearing those goggles. I think DH only lasted like 5 days with them.He only had 1 day of being needy!! I hope your DH has great results.



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  • they said he only has to wear the goggles tonight. They are more like safety glasses with foam underneath. He's sleeping now since he took that valium. I'm going to give him another one when he wakes up so he'll be out all night.
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