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Is it too late to get in on the July MNO?

If not give me the the link to the details.



Re: BNLJane....

  • Not at all too late!!  Shoot, I'll take more up to the day limit on # of ladies - (well, maybe if it's gets crazy) I'll keep updating posts for this MNO to remind people and to also include others that may not be on here daily.  I'm blocking my whole barside dining room for this (but the bar itself will be open to other patrons).

    I'm retarded and don't know how to post links.  I'll PM you the location (as i've stated previously, I prefer not to post where I work).

    Arrival time 6:15-6:30...if you're early, that's okay too.  I'll send out the appetizers (buffet style) around 7:00 and stop around 7:45ish.  For those who also want to try our sig. salad, I'll take care of that as well.  Drinks, gratuity and anything else are base on consumption and to be paid for by y'all. (I do expect sep. checks - so don't worry about that - just have patience). 

    What am I forgetting?

    Oh, I'll have all of our regular drinks available at regular price, I am also going to have some drink specials just for this group.  I wont be drinking or eating (being as I'll be working), but I'll get to visit.

    Oh, and I'll make up small gift bags...nothing crazy, just fun?

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