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So evidently J is just SO over babyfood & purees, so I'm trying to figure out what foods to feed him for b-fast, lunch, & dinner that are reasonably healthy & also foods that are easy for "on-the-go". He only has 3 teeth (all on the bottom) but seems to do really well with eating soft table foods (peaches, bananas, & velveeta rotini is what he's eaten today).

I know some of you just keep your leftovers and serve it to them, but how do you do it? Do you use a chopper & chop it up, just cut it up small, what??

I would really love any suggestions. Thanks!!

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  • For breakfast, Liam usually has some combination of fruit and a bread item like toast or a mini-bagel, waffles, etc.

    Lunch he will have a fruit again, and then either some leftovers, or hummus pita, cheese toast, cheese or bean & cheese, chicken & cheese, etc. quesadilla.  And he usually ends with a Yobaby yogurt

    Dinner he usually has whatever we're having.  He loves crockpot type meals.  He can eat pretty much whatever we do as long as it's cut up into little bites.  I just use a fork and knife to cut it up.  If it's something he can't have, then he'll have mac n cheese, or elbow pasta, or something like that.

    Some other soft table foods Liam likes are beans (esp black beans), baked apple chunks, sweet potato chunks (both of those are good with cinammon), cheese, raisins, craisins.

    Snacks and on the go: cereal bars, graham crackers, fruit.  I make him toast and cut it up ahead of time and bring that when we're having lunch out.

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  • No real suggestions we are going through the same thing....are they sending each other signals ;)

    He loves the fruit crispers you metioned and I use those to keep his hands busy now. I also have added waffles into his bfast. I toast them really good and cut them into strips that he can hold, he loves those.

    DC also tried steamed baby carrots, and tater tots. I havent tried mac yet but will soon. is hard. When we are out I just try and let him have bites of what I am having. He liked the rice last night at Chipotle. I couldnt believe it.

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