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Back to the flipping drawing board

I switched practices and officially ended it with my anti-VBAC OB after I met with new practices (Craig Ranch OB/GYN) nurse yesterday. She was all excited and said she couldn't see any reason why I can't try a VBAC.

 I met with an OB there today. She was encouraging and supportive of a VBAC until she realized that I have had two c-sections. Now she said the only way they'll let me VBAC there is if I get to the hospital and the baby's practically falling out.

 It's too late to be calling around now, but does anyone else know of a doc that would do a VBA2C? I have been told Allen Birthing Center doesn't do them. Or maybe I should just take the hint and resign myself to a definite c-section again?

Re: Back to the flipping drawing board

  • BoizmomBoizmom member

    My OB is pro VBAC.  He was incredible when I told him I wanted a VBAC.  His name is Dr. Charles Downey - he's in Richardson (George Bush and Renner).  He delivers at Richardson Regional (awesome hospital - it's so small and quiet) and at Baylor in Garland.  972) 231-9144.

    Good luck on your journey to find an accomindating Doctor.  It will be touch since you have had two sections, but definitely give Dr. Downey's office a call.  

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  • Gah..I'm so sorry to hear that. ?That's so frustrating. ?I don't have much advice, but I wanted to link you up to this awesome blog. ?She talks alot about VBACs and women's rights. ?Here is one of her more recent posts on the subject.

  • Thanks! I'll check out the doc and the blog!

    The biggest pain of it is that I work for a hospital, so if I deliver at a hospital in the organization, my deductible is next to nothing. If the only OB I can find doesn't have privs at one of our hospitals, my out of pocket max is INSANE Stick out tongue

  • check out - and then look for the local chapter - i know they have regular meetings - if anyone can help you find a doctor, they can
  • I've been on their local board for a few months now, and the general response i got the first time I posted there was like if I didn't want a homebirth with a midwife or a doula, then I was in the wrong place.

    I think I'm going to try some things as I get closer to start labor on my own (I know walking, sex, swimming... I"m sure there are others) and just hope for the best.


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