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Anyone used Empire Today?

I NEED new floors ASAP, for cheap. I want to do laminate flooring. I have scheduled a free in home estimate for Sat but I have read some bad reviews from other cities, can?t find any from this area. Any reviews or other alternatives?

Re: Anyone used Empire Today?

  • I've never used them, but want to say that I've heard in general that they are kind of a rip-off as in their flooring, labor, etc. is way overpriced and especially for what you get. I could be wrong though...
  • What Char said.  We are cheap DIYers so I would find the best deal on the flooring you want and then hire 3 day laborers at $12/hr to install it.  They could put it in two days tops.
  • I haven't used them but they've been in business FOREVER, so they can't be all bad, right?

    Growing up (in the 80s), their commercials were on TV all time.. one of the "you know you're from Chicago" e-mails had a line that you know Empire's phone number.

    Depending on the laminate flooring you want... it is typically super easy to install! We got ours from Sam's Club and we love it.  We did our living room, dining room, 2 hallways, and 2 closets.  Took us 1 evening to "prep"... removed basebords, carpet, & tack strips.  Took us less than a day to lay out the moisture barrier and install the flooring (already had a padding on the floor boards).  Then we took our time replaced the baseboards and put in quarter-round.  You don't even need to take off the baseboards but we wanted new ones.

  • We used them a couple of years ago after our water heater flooded our living room and we had concrete for a long time and were in desperate need quick!!  I would say they did okay and it wasn't too expensive.  I would say you will probably spend a little more since it is all so convenient and quick.  But all in all, I love my floors.  They came one night, gave a quote, we accepted, and they were here the next day and finished by that evening.  So 1 day and a half total and we had floors.  So my experience was a good one.
  • If you DIY any floors and want some great product for a lot cheaper than Home Depot etc, PM me.  We don't sell the actual floors (tile, wood, carpet), but we sell everything to install floors (tools, grout, glue etc etc) :o)
  • DIY. We DIY everything in our house expect for carpet in 3 rooms and the granite countertops. It's super easy to do wood floors. Ripping up the carpet was nasty since it was dirty, dusty, and heavy. But seriously, look around and buy some wood or laminate that snaps together. It's so easy and soooo much cheaper. The only thing I wouldn't do again....tile. Now that was a beating.
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