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Any Ft Worth people? I need help with maternity.

I'm looking for a good place to buy some maternity clothes.  I've been to Motherhood, Target, and A Pea in the Pod. 

Motherhood is okay.

I was disappointed by the selection at my Target (Overton Ridge/Hulen area).

A Pea in the Pod is too expensive. 

Also - Does anyone know of any consignment shops that sell maternity clothes? 


Re: Any Ft Worth people? I need help with maternity.

  • I don't be in Ft Worth, but I got several things from Kohls and Old navy. The kohls was hit or miss. When I did get something from there it was usually really cheap. I got several things from old navy that were great and inexpensive too.
  • I'm not in FW, but I got a lot of my maternity clothes from Old Navy.
  • I'm not in Fort Worth, and I don't know if there is another location or not, but I remember  Destination Maternity near the Galleria having a lot of cute stuff when I was pregnant with my DS. It's a combo of Motherhood, Mimi maternity and Pea and a Pod and they always seemed to have a lot of sales and clearance racks so the prices weren't as bad.
  • Kid 2 Kid carries gently used maternity, at least the one in Arlington does. That's where I will be getting some of my stuff... I am hoping to use most of the same stuff from my last pregnancy though.

    Also, JC Penny has a maternity section.

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  • I'm in Fort Worth right around Hulen Mall.  I got a ton of my clothes at the Gap in Hulen mall.  I actually started working there when i was 5 months pregnant.  Like the previous posts, Kohl's, Old Navy, Motherhood maternity in the mall, and there is a Kid 2 kid off Bryant Albertson's that has maternity clothes.  Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks everyone. 

    I got A Pea in the Pod confused with Pickels and Ice Cream.

     I forgot about Old Navy...  and I'll check out those consignment shops!

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  • If you do any online shopping (which I understand can tend to be difficult with maternity clothes) has a bigger selection of maternity clothes than in there stores plus you can find great prices on clearance if you can find your size. Plus targets return policy is pretty easy ( I'm pretty sure that you can return directly to the store if you don't like the way it looks.
  • My favorite store for Maternity clothes was Ann Taylor Loft.  The store is currently on hiatus, or as they call it "Maternity Leave" but will be back.  I found their clothes cute and affordable.  I'm not sure if their stores in Fort Worth carried their maternity line but it's offered online.  I would buy staples (jeans & Ts) from Old Navy.

  • I found most of my clothes at the Gap. Several local Gap Baby stores carry the maternity clothes in the stores, and I was able to find a bunch of stuff on sale.
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