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Sharp OB who takes Aetna HMO

Hi ladies!!! I'm new to the board and just recently found out I'm pregnant.  My insurnace recently changed.  I need to find a good OB!  I made an appt with Tina Ziainia and then went online to find 3 HORRIBLE reviews about her, so now I'm scared and want to find someone else.  I really want a female (not sure what my issue is there) and it's got to be through Sharp. 

argH!  I'm hoping to find someone that's very caring (because I'm scared-my first time) and quick with the exams (I hate a pap- I know...I need to get used to it now!!!) 

 Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!  I need to get to a Dr. so I can find out when I'm due!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks ladies!!!  Big Smile


Re: Sharp OB who takes Aetna HMO

  • I don't know where in San Diego you are but I go to Dr Goff in La Mesa she is with Shap Grossmont Hospital. I don't know if she takes Aetna but you could call and ask... her nurse practitioner Kristin is amazing! She did the exam in like 2 seconds!
  • Thank you so much!! oooh! I love a 2 second exam!! Thank you !!!  I'm in Mira Mesa and happy to drive wherever for my Dr. Appts if it means I can find an excellent dr!
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  • Hi!

    I hope you found your ideal Dr.

     This is going to sound like dejavu to you because the same thing just happened to me. I made an appt with Tina Ziainia and just read all the horrible reviews about her. I'm so scared now.   I have Sharp and need to find a Dr through them.  Who are you currently seeing and do you recommend him/her?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!

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