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Diaper rash from strawberries?

Anyone experience this? ?K LOVES strawberries. ?He will bang on the refrigerator and hound me for them when he knows they are in the house. ?I've been indulging him once a day, usually 3-4 berries (big ones). ?We've also been battling a nasty diaper rash. ?I'm starting to wonder if this is related. ?I googled strawberry allergy but didn't find any information really linking it to a diaper rash. ?

Re: Diaper rash from strawberries?

  • I remember reading that certain foods can cause diaper rash.  I know strawberries are pretty acidic, so it would make sense....
  • DD had a reaction to strawberries around her mouth. she would get all red. but i cant remember if that gave her diaper rash has well. good luck

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  • I was told by my pedi that any kind of food allergy could disguise itself as a diaper rash. I'd say ask your doctor and not give her anymore (I know hard to do...my DD loves them too) and see if it clears up. Poor baby!
  • I think so and most fruits are acidic. Bananas aren't, but most others are. DD had a bad diaper rash which looked like her BMs were burning her skin and I swear it was something in her diet. Still don't know what.
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    DS had a terrible diaper rash after strawberries. It looked like a chemical burn it was so bad.  I stopped giving them to him and I am afraid to try again.
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  • DS gets a diaper rash with all of his food sensitivities (sweet potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes), that's his only symptom.

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