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Baby Carrier recommendations...

Does anyone have any feedback on the Ergo Baby or Beco Baby brand carriers vs. Baby Bjorn brand?

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  • I nanny part time and I used the ergo baby for the first time. I loved it!!! ?It was more comfortable for me and it seemed more comfortable for the 5 month old baby that I watch. ?I am 23 weeks pregnant and will be getting one for my baby. ?My back did not hurt much as when I used the baby bjorn. ?
  • I am 5'1 and weigh 103 and I love my Baby Bjorn. My baby weighs 11lbs and i havent had any back pain even when i wear her for a couple hours. I was at Marshalls in Canton the other day and they had a few Peanut Shells for $19.99 which is amazing, they usually run around $80. I bought one but i have yet to use it but I have heard nothing but great things about it!
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  • We have the Bjorn and the Ergo. Bjorn is OK when baby is under 15 pounds but it may start to not be very comfortable after that. I got the Ergo when my daughter was about 25 pounds so she could be on my back or side carry. It is just the best! I can't say enough about how awesome it is for travel etc. If I worked out so my back was stronger I could probably still carry her comfortably now at 35 pounds. That said I bought the infant insert for our new baby. Can't wait to use it for a little baby (hopefully it will be handy for breastfeeding while out and about too.) 

  • Thanks so much for all the is all very helpful!
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