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Huntington Memorial?

Anyone deliver a baby there or go to an ob/gyn there?  That's where my dr. does her deliveries.  We are going to go on the tour in a few weeks but would love to hear of any personal experiences!


Re: Huntington Memorial?

  • My sister delivered both of her kids there.  It is fantastic.  I was in the delivery room with her when she had my nephew.  And the staff was great!  The rooms are like awesome.  You feel like you are at a nice hotel.  I'm so excited to be delivering there also.  Who is your Dr?  My doctor is D. Joseph Li. 
  • OMG!! THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hospital. I had twins there 2 years ago. I was treated like royalty, I got my own room and all the nurses loved my babies sooo much. I had a c-section too.

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  • Thanks ladies.  That is great to hear.  I live so close to the hospital, it would be so convenient, and I really like my dr and don't want to have to change.  Jaime, by the way my dr is Dr. Melissa Grier.

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