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New to the bump

Hi all,  I am new to the bump, from the Cleveland area, and will be TTC starting in July.  I just wanted to reach out to anyone in the Cleveland area who will be doing the same some time soon!  I thought it could be fun to chat about it on the boards.


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  • Hi. I am also new to the bump and ttc in the near future (wedding is in May). I am in the Cle area also. Background: I just got off of nuvaring in the beginning of the month and have just started charting with the help of taking charge of your fertility... GL.
  • Welcome to both of you!

    I am fairly new to the bump (I started with the Knot in 2006).  My husband and I have been TTC for about a year and a half with no sucess (I have had several miscarriages).  I have been tested and now am on my third cycle of clomid.  We are hoping to concive soon!!

    We are in Portage County (by Hiram College).  Are you ladies in Cleveland??  Hope to keep in touch!!!! 

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  • Hello! I am also new to the bump.  I am 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and getting married in July!  So i got alot on my mind!  But i would love to meet some new people on here to chat with! Also I am from the Pittsburgh area.

  • I'm from Akron, but I teach in Mantua!  We're going to be TTC #1 starting in June!  Good luck everyone!  Nice to chat with some people from around here!
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