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BBT during pregnancy?

I know most of you stopped charting once you got your BFP, but i wanted to know if anyone knows the range your temps should be once you are pregnant.  I think i will stop charting once i go to my first doctor's appointment, but for now, in a wierd way it gives me comfort seeing the temps still raised (which i know can backfire terribly!).  Thank you for your help. 

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    I am still taking my BBT every morning.  I know that several dropped temps in a row going down towards the coverline can be an indicator of miscarriage, so it comforts me to still take it.

    Range of temps varies by person but as far as I understand, as long as you are above coverline and not running a fever, you are "normal" for pregnancy.

    For example, my temp on O day was 98.0, and after O they obviously went up to around 98.4.  Then they went up again in triphasic fashion and have stayed steady at 98.7-98.8 every day.

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  • Thank you for the advice.  My temps are well abvoe the coverline, but just a little lower past 2 days (98.59 and 98.57) so i wanted to know the range.  your post helped me feel better.  i have no symptoms and just worry about everything (which i know most girls do on this board) so that is why i chart. thanks again.
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  • Your temps are going to fluctuate during pregnancy. It's probably best to quit temping so you don't give yourself unnecessary stress.
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  • imageNicole731:
    Your temps are going to fluctuate during pregnancy. It's probably best to quit temping so you don't give yourself unnecessary stress.


    Your temps are not all-telling. The day of my BFP I woke up to a massive temp drop -- I mean, waaaay below coverline. We thought we were out the cycle but felt funny not testing that month, so I POAS that night and walked away just knowing it would be a BFN. Came back in a few minutes later, and it was very clearly 2 dark lines.

    I immediately stopped temping and we have a perfectly healthy baby growing in there.

    Temping after your BFP will only make you crazy.?

  • Nope.

    My friend dropped below coverline and has a healthy baby.  I stayed high and miscarried.

    It can fluctuate wildly, and what if it does drop?  That alone doesn't mean anything.  It's only going to cause worry.  I would stop temping, period.  

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    Stop temping. NOW!  In all seriousness, what would you do if you saw a temp. drop? Most likely you'd freak yourself out and put stress on your already changing body. Relax and enjoy this pregnancy. I know it's easier said than done, but once you let yourself do it, things become so much better. :-)

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