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How early did you start assembling baby gear?

We finally finished the nursery so now I'm itching to put everything else together such as the pack and play and swing etc. The baby shouldn't be here for another 6 weeks so do you think it is too early to set up the rest? Keep in mind I have 2 pups and a cat.

Re: How early did you start assembling baby gear?

  • I've been setting things up as I got them. Haven't gotten those things yet, but I'm sure they will be the same way as the rest. If you are worried about the animals getting at them, maybe keep the door shut?
  • I had ALL of my gear together by 30 weeks. Mostly because I SAH but I would say now is a great time to put it all together while you still have energy!

    BTW- I have two cats and a dog, we just keep the nursery door closed! They go in every now and then when SO or I are in there. 

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  • We have been assembling stuff as we got it.  The PNP went up around 22 weeks when we ordered the crib and I just got the bassinet today and it is put together, although it is in the middle of the nursery, it is together. 
  • We have our nursery 95% done but won't be putting together the play yard at all (Maija will be sleeping in her crib from day 1) and we haven't bought the swing yet. Do you have two puppies or two dogs? I would be hesitant to fully put together everything now if I were you. But definitely take them out of the box to make sure you have all the pieces and everything is ok. You could put them in the place they will be going in but not put it all together so the dogs and cat don't get all on it.
  • We put almost everything together as we got it bc I was so excited and also wanted to see if we needed to return anything.

    We just put the car seat in and put together the swing last week.  I think that's all we had left to do.

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  • we set things up around 34-35w with my DS.

    this time we're waiting until they are born - we don't want stuff taking up all that space for a long time for no reason... it can all easily be put together when we need it.

    The one thing that would be handy to have ready is the bouncy seat.

  • We put everything together as we got it.  I think it's actually a good idea to have the stuff out for your animals to get used to - that way when LO gets there they won't have to get used to having LO AND the stuff around.  We have two dogs and two cats and they do fine with all the baby stuff - they've learned what they're allowed to mess with and what they're not.
  • We set up things as we get them, not really waiting.?
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  • We assembled all of the big items like the travel system, swing, bouncer, bassinet as we got them.  I figure if we assembled them as we got them we wouldn't have to put them all together at once.  We keep all of them in the nursery with the door closed so the cats don't get them full of hair. 

    Also keep in mind that they all come with a lot of packaging that needs to be recycled or thrown away and it will be nice if you can spread it out a little bit rather than being stuck with a pile of cardboard, etc.   

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  • We put stuff together as we got it, to make sure all the pieces were there.  I've heard too many stories of missing pieces...some waiting weeks for the replacement part to come in.  A lot of it folds up (stroller, high chair, PNP) it's not like it's sitting out taking up room.
  • We put it all up as we got it also! Most of it came from our shower which was the end of April! So we set it all up then! I have 2 dogs and I think it helped them get used to the stuff. I have a doll swaddled in a recieveing blanket that is going to the hosp with us and the doll is in the swing! As far as the nursery i have a baby gate in the door.
  • The only things I've set up so far are the swing and the crib (sans sheets).  I only opened the swing to make sure it wasn't broken or anything since it's a discontinued item at BRU and I wanted to be able to return it if necessary.  I've opened and 'set up' things as we've received the, but quickly broken them back down since we won't be using much of it until the baby is much older.

    We're waiting for our glider and changing table to arrive, otherwise, I'd have the nursery all set up too!  Our dog keeps sniffing the siwing, but hasn't done anything to it that would ruin it for the baby.  The only thing you need to worry about is the bedding - I guess you're not supposed to set that one up too early.

  • We've been putting things together for months.  I wanted to help so we needed to do a lot before I got too big.  Now I'm on bed rest, so I'm glad we got a head start.  Thankfully, we have a spare room that we can keep the door shut to, which keeps our furbabies out! 
  • we have been setting up as we go and have been done for several weeks. Im a huge planner and wanted it done. I cant tell you how much I enjoy my weekends now that they do not revolve around nursery decorating or putting baby stuff together and instead spending quality time with my husband, family and friends or just flat our relaxing my big ole belly.
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    We just finished everything this weekend, but like other people have said, we assembled as we received. I just didn't want to feel rushed when it got closer to the due date. Good luck!  :-)
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