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Hello Ladies

I am in need of help.  I am strugglnig to find nursery furniture.  I want a convertible crib, armoire and a combo dresser/changing table.  I found one set that I love by Capretti, but I am pretty sure that my father is not going to be willing to pay $1000 just for the crib.  I live on the North Shore....any suggestions?

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Re: Nursery Collections

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! As for the baby furniture, there is a place in Reading by Jordan's Furniture called Baby Furniture Warehouse- it was recommended to me by a friend when I was asking around about the same thing. I haven't been there yet, but I have checked out the website for it and it seems like it has a large selection. Good Luck!
  • The baby furniture warehouse is great.  I go to the one in Braintree and the people are super friendly and know their stuff and the prices are good.  My sister got all her stuff there as well and she lives in CT.  It's also recommended by the Baby Bargains book.
  • You can also find really good deals on the Boston Craigslist! I have found some great deals on there! :) GL
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