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Birthing classes?

Hi! I am curious, what brithing classes will you be taking?  I heard that hypnobirthing was good from my friend.  Do we just take one style or take many brithing classes?  tia!

Re: Birthing classes?

  • I think you can take as many as you want, but it gets expensive! ? I am taking all of the classes that St Joe's in Burbank offers (where I will be giving birth) and then I am going to buy the hypnobabies course and study from home.

    I also looked into the Bradley Method, but decided against it. ?There are classes in the area and it takes 12 weeks.?

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  • UCLA in Santa Monicawhere I hope to deliver, offers basic chilbirth classes that are 8 hours, Bradley - 12 weeks, and Lamaze, and maybe hypnobirthing too, I just requested info on them and I think we are going Bradley. We'll see.

    I also considered Golden Bridge chilbirth classes, they come highly recommended and I love my yoga class there.

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  • Please do Hynobirthing with Alisha Tamburi, 818-998-8838. The only way to go!
  • I may be biased, lol, but I believe Lamaze classes are the best classes if you are planning a hospital birth.  Hypnobirthing is a great additional resource, but I wouldn't eliminate Lamaze class altogether.  They are complimentary and you will receive information in Lamaze classes that you probably won't get in an Hypnobirthing class. 

    I used both techniques with my last two babies and I really feel they work well together.  I am not hypnobirthing trained, but in my classes, I do teach a lot of the same techniques that hypnobirthing teaches as I feel they work well!  (at least they did for me!)

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