OMG, he told me "I love you"!!!!!!!!!! — The Bump
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OMG, he told me "I love you"!!!!!!!!!!

This morning when I was dropping off P, I hugged him and told him bye as I was getting ready to leave.  Then, plain as day, he tells me, "I lav wu" as I was hugging him.  I was so surprised and so proud and of course, got all teary-eyed.  Just had to share my very heartwarming moment!
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Re: OMG, he told me "I love you"!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yay Paige! I can't wait to hear those words come out of my babes mouth. I can't imagine how you felt at that moment but I know I'd be over the moon!
  • aww thats awesome!! i cant wait for that!
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  • Aw, that's so sweet! What a sweetheart!
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  • AWW Thats so sweet.
  • How precious!  I got teary just thinking about it. 
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