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My son is NOT a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everywhere we go, people think P is a girl.  He could be wearing blue, green, with frogs, sailboats, or puppies on his clothes and they still think he is a girl!  No pink or purple in sight!!!  I can only conclude that he is far too gorgeous to be a stinky boy (though he is definitely that too). 
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Re: My son is NOT a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have never seen a picture that I thought he could pass for a girl.  Maybe its his amazing eyelashes like we talked about before.
  • I am not exaggerating when I say it happens all.the.time!!!  I don't see it either!
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  • Yeah I see no trace of girl in little Parker.
  • I know the feeling. Everywheres I go its "Aw shes so cute" Im like its a he not a

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