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My flower bed is a mess!!!

I don't think I chose the right kind of flowers.  They are just not getting bigger and growing like I thought they would!!!  Back to Lowe's...I so do not have a green thumb!
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Re: My flower bed is a mess!!!

  • What did you put in it?
  • Ya know, I don't even remember.  They were pretty and colorful and I thought they would really brighten up the area.  It looked great for a few weeks, but now, not so much.
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  • LOL, Did you make sure they were ok for whatever light is there?  Full sun, partial sun, etc.?
  • Yes I did that!!!  They are annuals I know that much.
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  • Who knows then.
  • Oh no!  You give up just like that!  I need help!
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  • Well, without knowing what they are, I really cant help much. 
  • Again, wish you were closer, I would SO help you with this.
  • Do you have any suggestions of the kinds of flowers I need to plant?  It is a partially shaded area.  Not too big, right in front of the house. 
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  • Do you want just short flowers? Partial to a certain color?
  • Nope, not partial to certain colors. The flowers that I picked out were different shades of pinks, red, and white.  I just want it to look full and pretty, kwim?
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