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I just got a Moby because, even though I love my Ergo, I feel like it is hot for DD with the insert on the really warm summery days. However, when trying the Moby out tonight, I wasn't sure which wrap style would work best for us. She is 9 weeks and has decent, but not great, head control. I tried the "hug" and she liked it temporarily, but it wasn't great for her neck. The "cradle" seemed to squish her little legs up, and the "newborn" wouldn't let her see out. ?Thoughts? What do your LOs like?
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Re: Moby users

  • I don't have the Moby, but I have the Ultimate Wrap (I think they are along the same lines) so I do not know the names of the positions, but LuLu like the facing in and often puts her head against my chest and falls asleep. If that is the "hug" you speak of, I pull some fabric over her head to keep it from flopping although it has gotten much better since her head control is better.

    At about 9 weeks I did the facing out and it worked just fine too.

    The cradle seemed to really squish her.


  • I'm not sure where I put the instruction book, but I think the hold we use is called the kangaroo.  She really likes that one.  While DD #1 never liked to be wrapped, DD #2 loves to be nice and snug in there. 
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  • DS preferred the Hug Hold and the Cradle Hold.  At three months, we turned him face out and did a reverse Hug Hold.
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